What a Year, Right?

Siri play "December 1963 (Oh What a Night)"

Is it only me who at random moments feels like 2020 was/is a dream? There are times when I loudly proclaim “We are living through a pandemic.” Surreal vibes completely.

I think outside of everything, having to forcibly slow down is that medicine I continue to need to rethink many things. And keep in mind that I didn’t stop going to the office. I am still going but because the world around me was changing, you know? And the virus is still with us, despite evidence to the fact and I hope you will all continue to do what you need to do to stay safe.

Things that gave me some semblance of peace this year:

Music - This is self explanatory at this point. Also I must say we got STELLAR music this year.

TikTok - I can spend up to 3 hours on TikTok and feel no shame. It is entertaining to me. Evelyn explains in this video the beauty of the app.

Writing on my blog - I have posted more posts on my blog this year. At some point I made it a conscious decision to share my thoughts on the blog as opposed to a conversation. It felt more freeing. If you want to support my blog please click on this link and also, let me know.

Podcasts - I was telling a friend that I steered away from intense podcasts because i didn’t want heavy things. That being said the Brene Brown podcast is just *chef’s kiss*. I also did a zoom thingy with some people who work for the Death, Sex and Money podcast. I had written an email to them to express appreciation and then they requested a zoom call which was nice. It was mostly about knowing who listens to the podcast.

And let us not forget alcohol, edibles, true crime shows, anime and sleeping because VIBES.

And now, random pictures from this year!

For music, check out my 2020 Faves here.

And as always, Thank You for reading friends.